Go Karting ™ is a very realistic and addictive go-kart simulator for iPhone and iPod Touch.
It is based on Go Karting Majorna, a real life track and its go-karts.

The game is modeled in detail to resemble the original track. Go-kart handling as well as the lap times correspond closely to the real track.

Read more about the game features and settings below.

  • Great graphics and realistic go-kart handling.
  • 3 different control setups including both touch and tilt steering.
  • Two engine sizes to choose between, 200cc and 270cc.
  • A lot of different paint variants to unlock as you progress through the game.
  • 4 different game modes.
  • 6 tracks to master
  • Option to upload your best lap times to our leaderboard

Game Modes

  • Qualification
    Beat the qualification time to open up the rest of the game.
  • Race Mode
    Race against an opponent in three different difficulty levels per track.
    As you progress through the races new tracks and go-karts will be unlocked.
  • Time Trial
    Beat your previous track records and upload them to our leaderboard to challenge your friends and compare yourself to other players around the world.
  • Ghost Mode
    Race against a ghost version of yourself to beat your own best lap times on the various tracks.
    You can upload lap records to the leaderboard in this mode also.

There are currently 3 different control setups available.

  • Tilt steering with auto acceleration
    - Tilt your device left and right to steer the go-kart.
    - The go-karts accelerate automatically.
    - Touch and hold the lower part of the screen to brake and slow down your go-kart.
  • Tilt steering with manual acceleration & brake
    - Tilt your device left and right to steer the go-kart.
    - Touch the lower right part of the screen to accelerate.
    - Touch the lower left part of the screen to brake.
    The accelerate & brake controls can be placed on both left and right side.
  • Touch steering with auto acceleration
    - Touch the left & right side of the screen to steer the kart.
    - The go-karts accelerate automatically.
    - Touch the lower middle part of the screen to brake.
  • Reverse
    Touch and hold the brake area and when the go-kart slows down enough it will automatically switch to reverse.
  • Switching views
    Touch the upper right corner to switch between the two available camera views.
  • Rear view cam
    Touch and hold the upper middle part of the screen to activate the rear view cam.
  • Pause & Race settings
    Touch the upper left corner of the screen to pause the game and access the settings available during  a race.
From the main menu you can access all the available settings.
  • Game Mode selection
    Switch between the available game modes once they are unlocked.
  • Track Options
    Choose the track you want to race on once it has been unlocked.
    Choose between the three difficulty levels C, B and A  once they are unlocked.
  • Kart Options
    Select the go-kart you want to drive once they are unlocked.
    Switch between 200cc and 270cc engine.
  • Sound & Quality
    Control the music and effect volumes. Mute is also available.
    Switch between Quality or Performance.
  • Controls
    Choose between 3 different control setups.
    Shows where the in-game controls are located.
    Toggle horizon tilt on the first person camera.
    Slider available to control steering sensitivity.
  • Manage Data
    Reset lap times clears all laptimes on all tracks.
    Master reset clears all lap times and resets all game features including progress and unlocked items.
  • Game Info
    Here you can find short information about the game.
Tips & Tricks
  • If you have an iPhone 3G or similar iPod it is advisable to switch the game to performance mode to ensure smooth gameplay.
  • The 270cc go-kart and the appropriate use of the brake result in better lap times.
Track Oval
Track of 1998
Track of 2000
Track of 2003
Track of 2010
Track Eight
Available on the App Store
Developed by
Funmiller ®